Decorating Your Wedding Venue; The Barn, The Hotel & Outdoors

Decorating Your Wedding Venue; The Barn, The Hotel & Outdoors

Choosing a wedding venue for your big day can be hard because you just want everything to be perfect. Once you’ve picked a venue the fun part can start - decorating! It’s such an exciting pastime that will bring your crafty family and friends together, and let your personal style shine through on the big day.

1. Barn Weddings 

Barn weddings are definitely on-trend right now. One of the most wonderful things about a barn wedding venue is that generally speaking, it’s a blank canvas. Your imagination is your only limitation at a barn wedding. Most barn venues will allow you to decorate however you please, as well as arrange the layout the way you want. Barn venues also have the added bonus of their location and outdoor space. A gorgeous remote spot for saying ‘I Do’ and ample photo opportunities. 

Your barn venue will be perfect with rustic decorations throughout, or with a floral theme. 

Unique ways to decorate your barn venue; 

  • Candles & Lights - Rustic tea lights would look gorgeous setting the scene outside, with some indoor lights for a romantic atmospheric mood in the evening.
  • Bunting - Bunting comes in all shapes and sizes and you're bound to find one that suits your taste! 
  • Indoor flowers (fake and real) - Add a spot of the outdoors inside the barn with some flowers or small trees. You can even plant these in stylish vases to suit your theme. Don't pick these out the back garden, make sure to see a florist who will be able to capture exactly what you are looking for. 

2. The Hotel 

One of the benefits of choosing a hotel or indoor venue for your wedding is that they will probably have everything you need already. This means no added stress finding tables and chairs or a bar. The downside is you may have to adhere to their custom colour scheme or any decorations they already have. Most hotel venues will still allow you to decorate and put your own spin on the day and there are also lots of simple things you can do to add your own unique twist to the space. 

Adding the finishing decorations to a hotel wedding; 

  • Wedding Table Decorations - You'll be able to add your own touch to each of your wedding tables. How about some miniature crafted flags or handwritten notes and table numbers. You could have a lot of fun with the table decorations!
  • Seats - You can add a different style to your seats with covers or handcrafted bauble decorations hanging around them. You don't have to work with what you have, you can make it your own!
  • Wedding favours - Your imagination is your only constraint with your wedding favours. Cupcakes, party props, miniatures - you name it! 

3. Outdoor Weddings 

Outdoor weddings are perfect for the outdoor-loving couple. If you'd rather climb hills than watch a film then an outdoor wedding may be your perfect option. Your wedding party may have to all wrap up warm for an outdoor wedding, but it will be worth it. You can always hire a marquee for later in the evening if it's colder, and wouldn't that be romantic!

Just because your wedding is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t add your own twist onto your day with some decorations. In fact, decorating your outdoor space will make for the most incredible wedding video or photography. 

Quirky decorations for an outdoor wedding;

  • Lights - Lights everywhere! Fairy lights, coloured lights, sparkling lights, so many lights. Lighting is imperative if you will be outdoors in the darker seasons aswell! Lights will brighten up your day and evening, so what's not to love?
  • Tasteful balloons will add a quirky angle to your outdoor wedding, just make sure they are tied down and don't blow away...
  • Paper garlands of all shapes and sizes will allow you to add a touch of colour and style to your outdoor wedding, you could even go the extra mile and make them yourself! 

We hope you have endless fun searching for and decorating your perfect venue. We also hope you have the most beautiful wedding day when it finally comes around!

Quince Living x