The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Camping

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Camping

Nothing beats getting away from the cosy four walls of your home and stepping into the wilderness for a weekend. Camping is a great escape from the day-to-day and is quickly becoming one of the more popular holiday options.

Getting it right can be tricky, especially for beginners. There’s nothing worse than setting up and realising you’ve left something behind. It’s not like you can just nip back to the house!

That’s why we’ve pulled together a whole blog dedicated to what you need to make your camping get-away the best it can be - all while staying eco-friendly. 

The Basics

First off, you want to make sure you have a secure tent. There are a few things to consider when making your purchase.

Tent buying guide


How many of you will be going, and how tall are they? Some tents, especially pop-ups, can be very small. This can prove tricky for your tall companions, as even sitting down can be quite the squeeze. Consider the number of people and their heights carefully when choosing your tent. Another thing to consider when deciding on the size of your tent is portability. Will you be jumping from spot to spot? If so you may want to opt for a smaller tent that can be set up and taken down quickly and efficiently. If you’re planning on staying at the same spot for a while, you’ll have no problem choosing a bigger, more complex tent.


Are you planning on camping through the colder months? Make sure that you go for a tent that can withhold the weather! 4-Season tents have been specially designed to keep you warm and dry through the winter seasons.


When it comes to buying a tent, you get what you pay for. There’s a huge variety of tents for all kinds of budgets. Be sure to check over reviews before making a final purchase, and - if you can - go and see it set up before taking it home. This way you can be sure it’s exactly what you are looking for. It’s recommended that beginner campers opt for the cheaper end to begin with, just to be sure that camping is something that they enjoy before splashing the cash!

Quince & Cooks rugs

For extra comfort & water durability, why not line the bottom of your tent with a rug? 

Cooking & Recipes

Just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t cook! Why not set up a (safe) fire and take a pot along? There are plenty of one-pot recipes that you can try. Here are some ideas:

Campfire nachos 

One-pot mac ‘n’ cheese 

One-pot spaghetti

Have a peek at our favourite camping cooking products:
Manual coffee bean grinder

Manual coffee bean grinder, £34

  • Collapsible travel mug
  • Collapsible travel cup, £6.99

  • Everdure BBQ Quince & Cook

    Everdure portable BBQ, £159.00 

    Sustainable rug

    Picnic blanket, £69.30 

    Lemongrass Dishwashing Soap Bar

    Lemongrass Dish-Washing Soap, £3.50

    Camping cookbook

    Camping cookbook, £9.99 

    Cast Aluminium Shallow Casserole Dish

    Cooking pot, £52.00

  • Set of two (2) marshmallow forks
  • Marshmallow forks, £18.00

  • Bamboo Cutlery, Travel Set

    Bamboo cutlery set, £6.65 


    You’re in the heart of nature, away from pubs and people - great!
    Days can be spent exploring and walking through the wilderness. As the sun dips though, you’ll want to make sure you have some bits and bobs to keep you and your companions entertained.
    If you are musical, why not take along a guitar? If that’s too big, a ukelele can be great for light packers. 
    Here are a few more ideas to keep your brains busy on your nature-vacation:

    Playing cards

    Playing cards can be great for camping - a great way to get everyone engaged and have fun. £25.00

    Colouring Book


    Little Women, Classic Novel

    What better way to spend your evening than cosied up beside the campfire with a classic? £14.99

    Jigsaw Puzzle

    If it’s a rainy evening, coop yourself up in the tent with a jigsaw puzzle. £16.95


    Camping can be great fun for your four legged friends, too! Why not take them along with you? There’s a few things to consider when going camping with your canine.

    Tips for camping with your pet


    You can weigh out your dog’s food before you go, so you don’t have to take a massive bag along with you. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty treats, too!


    Most dogs will be happy to stay in the tent with you, but you can buy pop up doggy tents. It might be worth practising camping with your dog somewhere local so you can see what works best for you and your pooch.

    Doggy ID 

    Make sure that your dog has an up-to-date and clear ID tag on their collar/harness. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it also means that if your pet runs off, there is a much higher chance of being reunited.


    Try and get your paws on some collapsible bowls. They are super convenient for packing, and means you can take water with you on long walks. 


    Bring enough poo bags! Although you may be in the heart of nature, it is still a requirement to pick up after your dog.

    Swim-safe lead 

    Are you planning on heading down to a beach, maybe a little boat trip? Make sure to take a waterproof lead for your pup so they can get involved, too!

    Dog friendly activities 

    Plan plenty dog-friendly activities! Here are a few suggestions.

    Campsite requirements 

    Some campsites require leads of a certain length, some have barking policies, and some may not be dog friendly at all! It’s really important to do your research before turning up.

    Here is our pick of pooch products to take on your camping trip:

    Denzels Dog Chews - Superfood

    Denzels Chews, £2.50

    Yakity Yak Treat

    Yakity Yak Treat, £6.50

    Frog dog toy, sustainable

    Frog dog toy, £8.50 

    Bits & Bobs

    There’s lot’s of other titbits that you won’t want to forget! From portable pamper products to mighty matches. Have a little browse and see if there’s anything you might have missed before you head off for your wee adventure. 

    Dog & Gramophone matches

    Dog & Gramophone Matches, £4.50

    Vegan Lip Balm

    Lip balm, £4.50

    Natural deodrant

    Natural deodorant, £5.99 

    Dry Shampoo

    Natural dry shampoo, £10.95

    Shower Blocks Shampoo Block

    Shower gel bar, £4.50 

    Meraki Bath Mitt, £7.70

    Merkai bath mitt, £7.70

    Dustpan & Brush

    Dustpan & brush, £15.00

    Biodegradable bin bags

    Biodegradable bin bags, £9.99  

    Silicone Straw in Travel Tin

    Staw & travel tin, £3.50 

    Coffee Filter

    Re-usable coffee filter, £15.00 


    Happy camping,

    Quince & Cook x