Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 - everything you need to know!

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 - everything you need to know!

It’s time to talk all things interior design. Does anyone else get an itch to redecorate at the beginning of a new year? Even just making a few subtle home improvements as we approach the cusp of a new season. If you can relate then you’re in the perfect place. Today we’re sharing our top interior design trends for 2021.

Sustainable living

We are very excited that sustainability in homeware is continuing to be at the forefront of shoppers’ minds and that’s expected to trend even more in 2021. More and more households are saying goodbye to ‘fast furniture’ and instead, investing in longer lasting and higher quality furniture pieces. 

There many benefits that we can vouch for! Spending a little more money on a high quality piece of furniture can save you money in the long run with better durability. It's less likely to need replacing as soon. Also, might we add that due to the greater investment you’ll often put more thought into the right choosing piece of furniture for your home because you know you’re spending more. 

Sustainable furniture is more than just the piece itself. It’s thinking about who you choose to shop with. Selecting brands that practice ethical trade and across their whole business where possible. Look out for things such as recyclable packaging, using small local suppliers, plastic-free etc. 


Warm, earthy tones

wooden coffee table with vase sat in front of an orange sofa

Featuring the Monstera Leaf Brass Tray.

It’s looking like this year’s colour palette will be going au naturel. The key concept is warmth. This year we’ll see more cosy, earth tones on the walls. Shades of mauve, burnt orange, mustard and more complemented with cream and camel tones. It’s all feeling very seventies chic and we are VERY much here for it. Could we see a return of the decade’s classic avocado bath suits? Perhaps a step too far. 

Working 9 ‘till 5 in the home office

We’ve all come to the realisation that working from home is going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. So, temporary home office setups are just no use. In 2021 we can expect the home office to become an integral part of the home in terms of layout and design and, of course, decoration. It’s all about creating a practical space that works for you. A desk that you can comfortably work at, with a supportive office chair. Hands up, who’s guilty of spending hours at the computer with a less than supportive dining room chair? *hysterically waves hand in the air.* We are leaving bad posture in 2020 and investing in the right home office equipment.

Once you’ve got the practicalities covered. It’s time to give your home office a personal stamp. Decorate your space with whatever inspires you. The clean cut minimalistic style might help to keep you focused and less distracted, or perhaps something more expressive with bright colours, art prints and mood boards conjures up your creativity. 

Hooray for houseplants!

hanging plant pot

Featuring Mayfield Hanging Plant Pot.


Anyone who follows the Quince & Cook Instagram will know that we are proudly obsessed with house plants. And, if we’re not wrong, we’d say that many of you are also starting to fall in love with our green-leafed pals. So much so, that it’s looking like a top interior design trend for 2021. This is most likely due to the fact that we’ve spent so much time cooped up due the national lockdown, that we are all finding even more value and gratitude for being around nature. 

Not only are house plants fabulously aesthetic, but they also have huge benefits to our mental and physical health. We won’t ramble on too much about what they are as you can get much more information via one of our previous blog posts ‘How house plants can positively impact your wellbeing.’


Mix ‘n’ Match

In 2021 we’re edging away from extreme minimalism in interior design. Mixing and matching patterns, vibrant colours and textures is all going to be key to staying on trend this year and creating that desired cosy feel. How can you incorporate this into your home you ask? 

  • Layering cushions and throws is a relatively inexpensive place to start by incorporating your room colours and mixing up some fun textures. 
  • Add in some metallic shades. To contrast your soft furnishings include some statement metallic accessories such as lamp shades or ornaments. A touch of metallic is also a great way to up the luxe vibe in your home. 
  • Hang some art on the walls. At Quince & Cook we love love love art prints. They’re the perfect way to bring some colour and interest to your empty walls and you can even have personalised prints made to really add your own touch.

Made with love, inspired by nature

bamboo chair next to bamboo table with photo frames on the wall

Featuring Bloomingville Bamboo Side Table.

Our final top interior design trend for 2021 is another close to our own hearts and its including natural materials in your home. Rustic materials such as rattan and bamboo are making a comeback into furnishings. Whilst woodgrain will be a popular choice for worktops and cabinets. 

Quince & Cook x