Valentine's gifts for him/her 2023

Valentine's gifts for him/her 2023

Valentine's day 2023 is fast approaching! Whether you're going on a romantic walk, having a beautiful dinner or just a lazy night on the couch, it's always a great day with your partner to focus on the love you have for each other - and it can be hard to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Fret not, we here at Quince & Cook have curated our top picks for all you love doves!

For Him

Hawkins and Brimble Beard Oil

Do you have a beardy boyfriend? Well not only will beard care make his face face feel good - it will make him look good. (who doesn’t love a two for one!)
Valentines beard oil gift for men

Savon A Barbe Shaving Soap

The perfect accompaniment for beard oil is Savon à Barbe’s boxed shaving soap. This soap is perfect for that special someone this valentines.  Enriched with grape seed oil and lightly scented this soap is great for someone with sensitive skin.
Valentines himalayan bath salts

Calm Himalayan Bath Salts

Wintertime can be a bit stressful. Help your partner relieve their stress with some beautiful calming Himalayan bath salts. Not only will it help them relax after a hard day at work, but it will also leave their skin soft and supple.
valentines himalayan bath salts

Candy Lab Vehicles

Looking for a unique gift? Candylab has created some delightful wooden trucks! Each of these has its own distinctive style like the taco truck and the red racer, but my personal favourite is the cute hot dog van.
hot dog van valentines gift for him

The Luxe Coffee Lover Gift Box

Shopping for a caffeine addict? The all in one Luxe Coffee Box has everything your coffee loving lover will need to keep themselves caffeinated and happy this Valentines day.

Low Tide Corduroy Cap

Bad hair day? Keep your handsome man looking fly and save the bad hair day hassle with this fetching corduroy cap from Watershed - It's also the perfect colour to match with all outfits.

Spanish at Home

Is your partner a cooking prodigy? If they’re looking to expand their culinary horizons then they will love this book filled with mouth-watering Iberian recipes - and you’ll get some delicious meals out of it too.
spanish at home iberian recipes

For her

Valentines Chocolate Masterclass with Chocolatia - February 10th

Everyone loves chocolate - If you're a Perth local, come get your hands dirty at our valentines chocolate masterclass. This is open to individuals but would make a perfect pre-valentine date for couples! There are limited spaces for this workshop so make sure you book while there are still slots for a decadent night of cacao and fun.
Valentines chocolate master class 2023

Original Duck Head Umbrella

Quack Quack. This cute duck umbrella will have your partner happily waddling through wind and rain, keeping them happy and dry. It's a must have for the damp weather.
duckhead umbrella in yellow

Jewellery Collection

Does your partner dazzle you? Make them shine even more by picking them out a beautiful piece of jewellery from our stock. Our curated collection is full of hidden gems for your gem! 

Mallow Mouthfuls Walnut Whips

Are you shopping for a sweet tooth? The delightful Mallow Mouthfuls Walnut whips will make your partner swoon. Little mouthful of mallows with milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramelised hazelnuts will get you into anyone's good books!
Mallow mouthfuls walnut whips

Lemongrass, Pink Grapefruit, Clary Sage & Rosemary Soap

Your partner will love this bougie soap. With an incredible scent profile of citrus and herb it will leave your partner smelling delightful. Bar soap will also last longer - it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
lemongrass, grapefruit Oir bar soap

Recycled Wool Knee Blanket in Navy Herringbone

It’s still the time to get cosy and snuggle up on the couch. With this beautiful wool knee blanket, your special someone can cosy up and stay snug through the rest of the cold weather.
wool knee blanket in navy herringbone

Valentines Cards

Valentines isn't complete without a funny or thoughtful card. These are my picks for the perfect card for your lover this valentines.

Sir David Attenborough Card

The man who has documented and spoken out for the natural beauty of our planet is ready to speak out for your natural beauty this valentines day! 
sir david attenborough card

Let's Celebrate You Card

This romantic man is here to pass on the important valentines message "lets celebrate you today". This cheeky card is perfect to give your partner a giggle and pass on your love.
let's celebrate you cheeky valentines card

Bob Ross Card

Everyone's favourite painter Bob isn't here to paint happy little tree's, he's here to paint your words of love.

Bob Ross Valentines


That's our picks for this Valentines! We wish you all all the love and care for not only Valentines but the entirety of 2023. See you soon.

Quince & Cook xox