5 Tips for Designing a Bedroom that Grows with your Child

5 Tips for Designing a Bedroom that Grows with your Child

Children grow up so fast, and as they do, their likes, dislikes and tastes grow with them. In most areas of life, parents love to encourage this! Supporting their kids' creativity, personal growth and generally finding of their feet in the world. However, one area where constant mind-changing is less than appreciated is when it comes to bedroom decor. 

Redecorating is timely and expensive. So, to help eliminate the amount of times that you find yourself with a paintbrush in hand and ginormous furniture delivering pending. We’ve collated five of our top tips for designing a bedroom that grows with your child. 

Of course, there will be expected cosmetic and practical changes needed. But, if you can apply the foundations of a well thought out and future-proof bedroom design for the day your tiny bundle of joy first comes home. Then you can save yourself a lot of money and energy in the years to come. 

Invest in staple furniture pieces

Whilst that miniature wardrobe is adorable. Once they’ve hit the toddler years you’ll most likely find it far too small and head for the nearest furniture shop to upgrade. Save yourself the hassle, and money, and from the newborn stage try to buy staple furniture items with basic designs. Pieces such as wardrobes, armchairs, chest of drawers are all timeless if you choose wisely. So, no matter how much they beg, do not give in to the race car bed that they’ll grow out of in less than a year!

Try to avoid themed decor

Yes, this week they might want their room kitted out in curtains, bedsheets, wallpaper all in the theme of their favourite-for-the-time-being cartoon character. However, it’s most likely that their obsession will only last a short amount of time before the next new phase comes into play and you find yourself having to redecorate. This might be a tricky one to impose and some very sad puppy eyes may be used against you, but stay strong! Instead try to persuade with small items such as posters or collectables that can be displayed in a creative way.

Keep it neutral

Again, we’re tapping in on children's’ quick changing likes and dislikes here. Try to opt for natural paint colours on the walls. If white and cream is a little bland for your liking then try something like a nice navy or grey - even just as a feature wall! These colours look fabulous around the house and are much more versatile compared to bright pinks and blues. The same applies to wallpapers. Keep it simple and even just keep it to one feature wall. So, if you do find yourself having to strip the paper, at least it’s only one wall.

Include plenty of storage

Bloomingville Seagrass Basket Pink
Bloomingville Seagrass Basket in Pink via Quince & Cook.

Seriously though, can you ever have too much storage? For tiny little humans, kids somehow managed to accumulate a lot of possessions. Even in their early years. So, invest in some high quality and practical storage that can have multiple uses as they grow older. For example, baskets are great for storing toys and books. Once they’re older they can still be used for pretty much anything such as game console accessories, or shoes and bags. Hey! If your child doesn’t want to keep them, you can even pop the baskets somewhere else in the house for your own benefit!

Share their character through accessories

Staple furniture and neutral walls are certainly more in the benefit of parents. So, let’s make sure that your child can still express their personality, their hobbies and passions through accessories. Perhaps wall art or soft furnishings that they’ve been able to choose themselves. Or, fill shelves and bookcases with some of their favourite toys and personal possessions. This could be sports trophies, framed pictures with family and friends or even just a piece of nursery artwork that they were particularly proud of. Fill their room with a few of their favourite things!