Benefits of buying a range cooker for your home

Benefits of buying a range cooker for your home

If the kitchen is the heart of the home then surely that makes the oven the heart of the kitchen. Right? Well, either way finding the perfect cooker for your home is an important step in achieving your dream kitchen. 

At Quince & Cook, we have a huge passion for range cookers, hence why we’ve dedicated years to including them in our business. There’s nothing we love more than chatting about our favourite brands, styles and of course, that all important first recipe that you try out on your brand new range cooker. 

We’ve cooked up many delicious family meals in our home range cooker. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll have even seen our Sophie sharing behind the scenes clips of her baking adventures all with the help of our trusty Lacanche range cooker. 

Anyway, enough about us! Let’s talk range cookers and the benefits that installing one in your kitchen can bring. 

Turn up the style in your kitchen

Practical yet stylish. Now you’re talking our kind of language! One of the biggest attractions to investing in a range cooker for your home is the variety of styles that there are to choose from. Looking for something more traditional? A classic AGA offers the iconic country cottage style range cooker but with all of the modern and reliable fixtures and fittings. Or, perhaps go for something from premium designers Lacanche who offer a slick contemporary take on the range cooker. No matter what brand or style you choose. You can always count on there being an expansive selection of gorgeous colours from rich royal blues, to pretty pastel pinks. 

Choose from a variety of energy options

Bertazzoni Range Cookers at Quince and Cook

Traditionally, range cookers are run on gas and you can still find many that do so. However, these days there are a lot more options to suit every individual lifestyle. You can also choose from electric or dual-fuel which allows you to run the hob on gas and oven on electricity to suit different cooking styles with the best heat option.


Range cooker or friend for life?

It’s no secret that a range cooker will most likely come with a bigger bill than your average fan oven. However, it’s an investment worth welcoming into your home. Range cookers are a lot longer-lasting so you don’t have to worry about repurchasing every two years. Which is a huge selling point to many who come and shop at Quince & Cook. It feels great knowing that once you’ve purchased your dream cooker, you won’t have to worry about it for years to come. 

The all-in-one design also means that should you move house, you can take it with you. Modern kitchens can often be fitted with built-in ovens and hobs which means you will often have to repurchase if you move to a new home that does not have kitchen appliances included. Simply pick up your range and take it with you to your new house! No need to worry about custom fitting cabinets and worktops.


Cook more!

Everhot Range Cookers at Quince & Cook

Range cookers boast multiple oven cavities and hob space so for cooking enthusiasts it's the ultimate helping hand. You can have multiple dishes on the go at once which is ideal for families or catering for an evening of guests. Range cookers have the ability to heat at different temperatures in each section making it even easier to cook up a feast. Once you’ve owned a range cooker and get into the swing of having this much space to cook and create, you’ll never go back!

Heat your home from the heart of your home

Another advantage of installing a traditional range cooker in your home is that they can provide a constant source of heat for your home all year round. The range cooker being powered at all times will incur more energy costs so we recommend looking for a make and model that allows you the option of turning it off during the summer months. However, if you’re like us and spend the winters in not-so-sunny Scotland, then it’s absolutely worth having your range cooker heat your home up in the colder seasons. 

If you’d like to know more about what a range cooker can bring to your kitchen or if you have any queries about the best brand for you. Then we’re here to help!

Our new Quince & Cook store on Princes Street in the city of Perth includes a live demonstration kitchen. Pop in for a chat and with over a decade of experience in selling range cookers we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have. 

Visit our range cooker section here to find out more and book your appointment today!