Cooking with Sophie: savoury puff pastry tarts

Cooking with Sophie: savoury puff pastry tarts

Over the past few weeks Quince & Cook’s Instagram has been our Sophie’s go-to place to share her wonderful recipes. She has shown us step by step how to make some super easy and tasty dishes and baked goods at home. From piping hot soup served with homemade bread, to snack-size puff pastry tarts.

I had to share this recipe for puff pastry tarts with you all as not only is it quick and easy for those late work nights. But, it’s also a huge crowd pleaser with the littles one and grown-ups! In fact, this is our Finlay’s favourite tea!

It’s another ‘bung it all together and shove it in the oven’ kind of recipe - my favourite! I’ve gone with Italian-inspired fillings for this one but you could get really creative with flavours. Feta, black pepper and spinach? Or the classic ham and cheese combo? World’s your oyster! 


Puff pastry


Great Glen Charcuterie Salami 

Cheddar cheese

Fresh tomatoes

Salt and pepper


Start by rolling out the puff pastry and use a cutter to cut into circles. Place them onto a tray lined with baking paper. Spread a dollop of pesto onto each circle. I love the Le Conserve della Nonna red pesto - it’s a staple in my kitchen cupboards! 

Cooking with Sophie: savoury puff pastry tarts

Next, add a sprinkle of cheese to each pastry as well as the salami and tomato slices. Finally, season with some salt and pepper, then pop into the oven to cook for 15 minutes and that’s you done!

Serve with a fresh side salad, or serve alone as a snack. The choice is yours!

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