Cooking with Sophie: baked veg & sausage pasta

Cooking with Sophie: baked veg & sausage pasta

Quince & Cook’s Instagram has been our Sophie’s go-to place to share her wonderful recipes. She has shown us step by step how to make some super easy and tasty dishes and baked goods at home. From piping hot soup served with homemade bread, to snack-size puff pastry tarts.

It’s another classic, bung it all in recipe! Are these not the best? When you’ve got miscellaneous ingredients in the cupboard, not a lot of time and a hungry family to feed. You just need something super easy to make that is equally as delicious. 

This baked veg and sausage pasta recipe has plenty of scope for you to get creative and tailor to your own tastes. It would also make a fabulous veggie option by simply not adding any sausages. 


Sausages (or chorizo!)


Butter beans

2 Red chillies

2 Cartons of passata 

2 or 3 whole garlic cloves



Mixed peppers 


Sweet potato

+ Any other veggies that you fancy adding!


Start by roughly chopping your onion, aubergine, peppers, courgette and any vegetables that you’ve chosen to throw into the mix. For this one, I added cubed sweet potato too which was lovely. 

Put all of the veg into a roast pan with 2/3 whole garlic cloves and two red chillies. Top with sausages (or chorizo, whatever you’ve chosen!) then complete with a drizzle of olive oil. 

baked veg and sausage pasta recipe

Pop the pan into the oven and roast for 20 minutes at 200 fan.

After 20 minutes add some butter beans (optional) and place the pan back into the oven for 5 minutes. By now your kitchen should be smelling absolutely delish!

After 5 minutes remove the pan and pour over two bottles/jars/cartons of passata (don’t stir) and you guessed...back in the oven! At this stage you could also consider adding some sliced mozzarella on top. Give it a final 10 minutes (roughly) in the oven or at least until your pasta is cooked.


Baked veg and sausage pasta recipe

I won’t bore you with the steps to boiling pasta, I’m sure you’ve got that one covered. Once your pasta is ready mix into your oven dish of veggie/sausage goodness and stir altogether!

Serve with a healthy sprinkling of ground black pepper and tuck in. 

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