Why switch to zero-waste & cruelty-free skincare products?

Why switch to zero-waste & cruelty-free skincare products?

A couple of years back we set on a mission to create Perth’s first haircare, body care and cleaning refill station. Thus, the Wash House Store was born. Here, we sell eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free products sourced from like minded businesses who want to make a change.
We’ve taken the concept to local events as a pop-up shop, to our online store and now finally settled into the bricks and mortar of the Quince & Cook store in Perth city centre. Throughout the course of our mission, we’ve noticed that the most common question people have before making the switch is, why? Why should I consider switching to zero-waste and cruelty-free skincare products?
Well, here you are. These are just some of the reasons why using natural and ethical eco-friendly products can benefit you. 

Less toxins = healthy glowing skin

bottle of lavender essential oil


Mother Nature knows best. She knows that whatever you put onto your skin, will be absorbed. So, why do we continue to use harsh chemical based skincare products which encourage our skin to absorb nasty toxins? Well, it can be a vicious cycle. We’ve all been there. The more that your skin breaks out or is irritated, then the more likely you are to keep applying more products and therefore more toxins without realising that’s the source of the issue. Using natural products in your skincare routine gives your skin the best possible chance to breathe and heal. Healthier skin feels and looks better!

Taking a stance on animal testing

By shopping for products that are made cruelty-free, you are taking stance against testing on animals. These animals are not only subjected to potentially harmful chemicals, but they are often kept in cruel living conditions. Small cages, limited food and water supplies and no love and affection. The saddest part is that animal testing for skincare and cosmetics is completely unnecessary. Some chemicals can be safe for animals but not for humans so the results are not even fully conclusive. It is simply a cheap testing method which appeals to bigger brands. 

It can save money in the long run

A natural skincare routine involves using less products but choosing more wisely. The healthier your skin becomes, you’ll find the less products you even require. So, in the long run you can find that you’re saving money from using natural skincare products. 

Help the environment 

Reusable make up remover pad

Shopping with a brand that supports zero-waste ethics means that you are supporting the mission for a greener future. At the Wash House Store, we offer plastic-free, recycled containers for customers to purchase and fill with their favourite products. Or, you can bring your own container. These are small steps but over the course of a few years you’d be surprised how many bottles and tubes you’d go through from cosmetics and skincare alone. All of which end up in the bin. 
Making a conscious effort to shop products that have zero-waste packaging is a great starting point on your journey to being an ethical consumer. It’s easier than you may expect to find such products in your local area once you start looking and it doesn’t stop as packaging. Oh no! Reusable beauty tools and accessories can also be added into your daily regime. For example, swap your cotton pads for cloth make-up remover pads which can be rewashed and reused again.

To find out more about our work and shop the range, you can visit www.washhousestore.co.uk or pop into our Perth store.

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