How houseplants can positively impact your wellbeing

How houseplants can positively impact your wellbeing

It’s no hidden secret that spending time outside in natural surroundings can do wonders for our mental health and wellbeing. There’s something so calming and re-energising about immersing yourself in the fresh scents and peaceful atmosphere. So, why not incorporate this feeling of serenity into your own home? 

There have been many scientific studies on the impact that plants in our daily living environment can have on our wellbeing. We’re no stranger to a hanging ivy or a quaint succulent plant in the window sill for decorative purposes. However, we’ve never really chatted about the positive impacts that houseplants can have on your wellbeing. So here we are! 

These are just a few reasons why bringing a splash of greenery into your home could improve your mental wellbeing. 

Increases the quality of air

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Plants are fantastic for absorbing a lot of the nasty toxins that accumulate in your home that you're probably not even aware of. Chemicals from household cleaning products, paints and varnishes, air fresheners and perfumes. Even carbon dioxide! It can all build up in the air that you and your family are breathing in and increase chances of headaches, tiredness and just generally not feeling quite as upbeat. 

It may seem an obvious one, but plants don’t only inhale the bad, they exhale the good! Houseplants will produce fresh oxygen into your home. As well as ensuring more moisture in the air which can be a huge bonus to those who suffer with skin conditions which can be easily irritated by dry air. Even chances of quickly fighting off the common cold in your home can be increased by higher levels of moisture in the air that you breathe in.

A Peace Lily will do a wonderful job of purifying the air and their gorgeous white petals will look stunning placed in the window.


Helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels

One of the most prominent benefits of introducing houseplants into your home (or workplace!) is the effects they can have on reducing stress and anxiety levels. 

Visually, natural colours suggest feelings of peace, relaxation and optimism which can help to generally boost your mood during times of stress. The brain associates nature and living things with happiness and comfort which in our modern industrial world feels ever more important. 

Their ability to improve air quality can also give you a clearer sense of thinking and lower blood pressure. Hence why you’ll often find houseplants in hospitals. As they can help to improve the recovery of patients, both mentally and physically. 

Enjoy the sense of accomplishment

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They say that it’s the small things in life that have the most impact. Surely keeping a houseplant alive for more than 24 hours is pretty high on the list? 

Keeping houseplants in your home and watching them blossom with plenty of water, sunlight and a wee chat over a cuppa now and then, comes with a real sense of pride. So, to all of the people who have ever managed to keep a houseplant alive for more than a day, we applaud you! You have succeeded in adulthood. 

If you lead a busy lifestyle as it is, then something like a Dragon Tree is ideal for you. It's small and can survive with little direct sunlight and irregular watering. Perfect!

Higher concentration and focus 

Thanks to a combination of factors including houseplants improving our air quality and stress levels, they can ultimately make us more productive. Higher levels of concentration, ability to focus, be creative and improve attention span. So, why stop at plants in the home? Kit out your workspace with a few greens.

Can reduce noise levels

Yes, this one might seem a little odd but hear us out! Large house plants with a lot of foliage can be quite effective in absorbing sounds. So if you find it difficult to switch off in places like your home office or perhaps a little reading nook that is your self-care oasis. Then you might want to try popping a couple plants in the corner and see if it helps you in concentrating or taking some down time. Both will benefit your wellbeing!

Overall, it’s very clear that something as simple as bringing a few plants into your home can have a really positive impact on your wellbeing. And these are just a handful of the benefits!