Summer Picnic Essentials 2023

Summer Picnic Essentials 2023

Nothing quite says Summer like a picnic with friends and family. It’s one of our favourite things to do when the Scottish weather is on our side. You can make a day of it and travel somewhere new, or mix up your usual work from home lunch break and head to your local park for a catch up with friends. 

If you fancy snacking in the sun, you’ll need a few essentials for your picnic. You do not want to find yourself in a stunning beauty spot ready to tuck into a salad with no cutlery, or trying to share a bottle of juice with no cups. So, we are here to help you with our top summer picnic essentials to ensure that you have everything you need and more for your next trip. 

Picnic Cookbook

book cover of The Picnic Cookbook by Laura Mason

By Laura Mason.

Take the stress out of picnic prep with Laura Mason’s Picnic Cookbook. Flick through 100 different picnic recipes from homemade lemonade to tasty sausage rolls and much more. Laura also shares her advice on getting the most out of your picnic with tips on alfresco cooking and travelling with food. 

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A cosy picnic blanket

Strawberries and cream chequered picnic blanket

Once you’ve found the perfect spot to bask in the sunshine in a local park or serene countryside, you’ll want a comfy blanket to set up your picnic. Dock & Bay's Strawberries & Cream Picnic Blanket is perfect for the occasion. Easy to wrap up and bring with you, and its fully recycled materials makes for a super soft space to rest. We adore the beautiful summery vibes it brings as well!

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wooden cutlery set

To enjoy those delicious snacks that you’ve prepared and brought along you’ll need to pop some cutlery into your picnic bag. Something like the Bamboo Travel Set is ideal for eating on the go. Whether it’s a picnic or perhaps even to accompany your work lunch box. It is lightweight, sustainable, reusable and for every purchase a tree is planted. How wonderful is that?!

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Comfy Cushions

Pink coral gingham cushion

Up the luxe on your picnic with some comfy padded cushions. You can kick back and relax in the sun with a nice book or listen to your favourite podcast. Our Gingham Cushions are perfect for picnics and for adding a pop of colour in your home. 

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Colourful Drinking Jars

colourful glass drinking jars on a garden table with bunting in the background

Keep the mess to a minimum with these colourful drinking jars. Ideal for adults and children. They look super cute, are easy to hold, and the lid and straw reduce changes of any spillages onto your brand new picnic rug. Choose your favourite colour with the choice of green, pink, clear and blue.

Picnic Basket

luxury picnic basket product page

Transporting all of your picnic goodies can be made so much easier with this beautiful luxury picnic basket. This traditional picnic basket gives vibes of a beautiful sunny feast to coordinate with your picnic theme! Ideal for carrying all your essentials, and made from buff willow wicker and bespoke leather detailing - this baskets made to last!

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blueberry dinner plate product page

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the mesmerising pattern on these clay plates. WOW. Light-weight, easy to wash and child-friendly you can take these plates on your picnic and use them with ease. Or, you can enjoy them in your home. They’ll look fabulous styled on your dining room table. You can also source this beautiful plate in cranberry. Each of these plates are handmade and painted by a ceramics artisan - no one is the same and each will be truly unique!

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marvellous marble napkins brown blue and white toned napkin

Napkins are a picnic essential indeed. Especially if you have little ones joining you. Although adults can be just as messy sometimes so we recommend taking some with you anyway. Opt for something with a pretty design such as this pack of 20 Elegant marble napkins that have an beautiful marble pattern on each.

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Travel Mug

stelton insulated travel mug

If you plan on taking a nice hot tea or fresh coffee to your picnic then you’ll want to grab yourself one of these. Stelton travel mugs are leak-proof, and insulated to keep your drink at the perfect temperature for as long as possible.

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Reusable Straws

reusable metal straw

Say no to nasty plastic straws and instead pack some pretty reusable metal ones for your picnic. Making your picnic set up look even more blooming gorgeous and helping do your part in reducing plastic waste. These beautiful stainless steel straws are dishwasher safe and easy to wash.

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Take your belongings home

picnic blanket with book, hat, plates, cutlery, food and a hat

Our final essential to the perfect picnic is that you take everything with you after you’re done. We are so lucky to have many scenic parks and beaches across Scotland and the UK but they will only stay this way if we all leave with our belongings and any rubbish. It’s always a good idea to bring a couple spare bags with you just in case there aren’t any bins nearby and dispose of your rubbish at home. 

Leave your picnic spot just as you found it so that the next group of family and friends can have just as much fun as you have. 

Quince & Cook x