Browse our Top Scottish Spirits & Local Breweries

Browse our Top Scottish Spirits & Local Breweries

Scots are well known for their love of a nip or a cold pint down the local pub. So, it’s no surprise that Scotland is home to incredible innovators of alcoholic beverages. From independent breweries to botanical spirit distilleries. You can shop local whiskies, gins, lagers and more all made here in Scotland and inspired by each local region. 

Here are some of our favourite local breweries and Scottish spirit distilleries. It’s a long old list and you might find yourself rather thirsty for a G&T by the end of it!

Cullach Brewing

tin of cullach craft beer in front of smeatons bridge in perth scotland

Cullach Brewing are close neighbours to the Quince & Cook store on Princes Street so we couldn’t possibly miss these guys out. Their taproom is friendly, welcoming city centre hang out to sample the works of their micro brewery. They stock their own range of craft beers as well as fellow indie breweries. 

Perth Gin 

Close up of a row of bottles of perth gin made in scotland

Inspired by our home city, Perth Gin is distilled right here by the banks of the Tay River. Using fresh premium botanicals, they create an aroma of flavours in each nip for a smooth, quality gin. At The Perth Distillery you can even book a tour to find out more about the process of distilling gin. Do check their website for the latest updates following Government guidelines on if tours and events are operating.

Abernyte Brewery

bottles of abernyte brewery's largers and beers made in newburgh fife

Based on South Latch Farm, Abernyte Brewery brew vegan-friendly, step mashed, chill conditioned lagers and beers. You can browse a selection of various flavours. There’s something to suit everyone. 

Lindores Abbey Distillery

One for the whisky lovers out there! Brought back to life after over 500 years, Lindores Abbey is once again distilling fine golden whisky from it’s copper stills. Situated in Newburgh, Fife, the impressive distillery puts a modern twist on its rich history of perfecting the single malt. 

Heather Rose Spirits Co

three bottles of heather rose spirits made in scotland

One of our faves places to shop local spirits, Heather Rose Spirits offer small batch gins Scotland. Their products include Strathearn Gin, Scottish Gin and Dunedin Rum.  Each one presented in the most beautiful bottles, that you just have to keep even once all of the gin has gone! Their sibling company is St. Andrews Gin, another favourite of ours. They have a delightful classic dry gin - perfect for G&T.  As well as three fabulous limited edition flavours which include Orange, Tonka Bean and Cardamon, Pink Grapefruit and Lemongrass and Ginger.

Cairn O Mohr

bottles of Cairn O Mohr real fruit wines on a shelf

Cairn O Mohr specialise in creating fruity wines and ciders here in Scotland. Resting in Carse of Gowrie in Perthshire, they team pick the juiciest fruits, berries and wild flowers to make ciders, wines and juices that are bursting with flavour. Using locally sourced ingredients is a key priority for owners Ron and Judith as well as nurturing and rewilding the natural lands where they forest.


Highland Boundary

four bottles of highland boundary's botanical spirits made in perthshire scotland


Inspired by the natural flavours that the Scottish wilderness has to offer, Highland Boundary distill botanical spirits using hand-picked ingredients found on their farm in Alyth. Their tasty flavours include Larch and Honeysuckle, Birch and Elderflower, Birch and Sloe Berry. Certainly something a little different to try out! Highland Boundary innovate the approach to Scottish spirits with their rewilding work, plastic-free packaging and sustainable production. 

Ogilvy Spirits

Bottle of Ogilvy Vodka next to potatoes pulled out of the ground in scotland

Located in the quaint Perthshire setting of Angus, Hatton of Ogilvy Farm is a family run business creating premium Scottish potato vodka and spirits. Growing the potatoes just a few fields away and distilling on site, Ogilvy spirits have a luxurious smooth taste. Our favourite is the Ogilvy Creme de Cassis which has a blackcurrant infusion.