The Eco-Friendly Advantages of Range Cookers

The Eco-Friendly Advantages of Range Cookers

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the choices we make in our daily lives, even in the kitchen, can significantly contribute to a more sustainable future. In this blog, we delve into the eco-friendly advantages of range cookers, exploring how these versatile kitchen appliances can align with green living principles. Whether powered by electricity, fueled by sustainable sources, or operating on efficient gas, range cookers are constantly evolving. From the innovative designs of electric cookers, leveraging renewable energy, to the efficiency gains of modern fuel-burning ranges and the precision control of gas cookers, we uncover the diverse ways in which range cookers can be eco-friendly alternatives. Additionally, we'll delve into the timeless quality of range cookers, emphasising their longevity and the pivotal role maintenance plays in maximising their energy efficiency.

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Electric Range Cookers

Range Cookers have been evolving since their inception in 1830. The most modern feeling type of range cooker is most definitely the electric range cooker and perhaps the most eco-friendly of the bunch. Electric range cookers do not directly release carbon emissions - but depending on how your local energy grid generates it's electricity it may indirectly contribute by using this power.

Renewable Energy

A key evolution for modern electric ranges and their eco-friendly advantages are that they can be integrated with renewable sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. A special shout-out to Everhot cookers, who's cookers can be used as a solar dump. Great for heating your home, cooking delicious dinners whilst being eco-conscious.

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Energy Efficiency

Modern electric range cookers are designed to be extremely energy efficient, minimising energy consumption during cooking. Improved insulation reduces heat loss ensuring that generated heat is directed towards the cooking process, rather than being wasted. Some Electric Ranges incorporate convection fan cooking. This technology ensures more even cooking for your dishes, and shorter cooking time which leads to energy efficiency gains. 

Induction hobs are also more energy-efficient than traditional gas cookers since they directly heat the cookware - avoiding any energy dissipation. It is also important to note that cookware that is a better fit to the ring will also decrease energy dissipation making for more efficient use of your cooker.

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Gas Range Cookers

Gas ranges are less environmentally friendly than Electric Ranges but they do have their perks, and like Electric Range cookers they have been evolving to be more energy efficient by better distribution of energy, better heat retention and more technology. Gas range cookers can also offer the best of both worlds. A lot of modern gas ranges operate with an electric oven and a gas stovetop. This gives you the benefits mentioned below for the stovetop, and the electric range benefits from above.

Direct Heat

A lot of modern day Gas ranges, only utilise gas for the hob, whilst having an electric oven. This can actually work out to be more energy efficient than induction top ranges. The reason being that Gas hobs provide instant heat and precise temperature control, this can lead to less energy waste during cooking since you can control exactly how much heat you need. The instant response can result in a shorter cooking time, meaning less total energy used.


Although Natural Gas isn't as good as renewably sourced electricity, it is still considered a cleaner-burning fuel than when compared to other alternatives such as, coal or oil.

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Fuel Range Cookers

Fuel burning range cookers are made more and more efficient as time goes on, meaning they aren't nearly as harmful as in the past. With steps taken to use less fuel for more energy, these cookers pack a punch with little input.

Modern-fuel burning ranges incorporate advanced combustion technology that enhances the efficiency of burning solid fuels. This includes optimised air-to-fuel ratios and better control systems.

Sustainable Fuel

If the fuel used in the range cooker is sustainably sourced, (e.g wood pellets from responsibly managed forests) it can help sustain these forests income to protect the local wildlife. The fuel from these sustainable managed forests could be considered carbon neutral. This is due to the new tree's being grown will absorb some carbon dioxide during growth and may off-set the amount outputted from burning the fuel.

Find out more about sustainable fuel here.

Range Cooker Advantages for All Types

Durable and Long-Lasting

Range cookers are made to last generations, meaning you don't need to use excess materials, or transporting of resources every couple of years for a new cooker. With a little bit of maintenance, your range cooker will last a great deal of time.

Ensuring proper maintenance is key for ensuring your cooking operates efficiently and reduces energy waste. Ensure you are cleaning your oven and hob - a clean hob allows the energy to be transferred more efficiently. When cleaning your oven and hob leave the heat on for 15/20 minutes after. This dries the oven and stop's any rusting in it's tracks.

Energy Ratings

Look for energy ratings when deciding on a range cooker. You can see which range cookers are energy efficient by viewing their energy star ratings. If the range cooer is rated around an 'A' then it is an energy efficient range.

Products made in or before 2020 were rated from A+++ to G (with A+++ being the most efficient). Products made after are now rated from A to G (with A being the most efficient). Most Range Cooker companies are aiming for A, ensuring their cookers are as energy efficient as possible.

You can read more about appliance energy ratings here.

How you use your range cooker can also factor into how much energy is used in the cooking process. Using the correct burner size can help avoid energy dissipation, the same with using lids on pots and avoiding overcooking as these can all contribute. Also make sure to turn it off when it isn't needed!

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So, there you have it - the eco-friendly perks of range cookers! From the super efficient electric ranges that use renewable energy, to the fuel-burning champions embracing sustainable practices, and we can't forget the perfect precision of gas cookers. It's clear there is more to these kitchen helpers than delicious food.

It's not just about their features; it's about their making, their commitment to lasting the long haul. They're not here today, gone tomorrow appliances. They're crafted for the ages. This makes them not kitchen essentials but silent supporters of a sustainable lifestyle.

Also make sure to keep an eye on those energy ratings when shopping, give your range some love with regular maintenance, and you're well on your way to doing your bit. Lets savour not just the flavours but also the knowledge that our kitchen choices can be a little nod to a greener, happier Earth.