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Guide to Quince & Cook's quirky kitchen appliances and accessories

Embrace your weird and wonderfulness by injecting some personality into your home kitchen. With a few statement appliances and unique kitchen accessories, you can easily create a practical yet exciting space that works for you. Here at Quince & Cook we have a soft spot for the designs that go beyond the norm. Why can’t the family oven in the heart of your home be a popping shade of yellow? Must all of your kitchen utensils and cookware be bland and boring to be practical? Absolutely not. 

We’re combatting bland and boring with our handpicked selection of some of the quirkiest kitchen appliances and cooking accessories we could find. 


Bertazzoni Professional 120

yellow bertazzoni professional range cooker

We weren’t joking when we said you should brighten up your kitchen with a pop of yellow! Bertazzoni’s Professional 120 range cooker boasts a slick design with two main oven compartments, and six stainless steel gas burners. Perfect for big families or those who love to host the party. This is just one shade and style from the Bertazzoni range. You can browse more range cookers and daring colours here, or find out more about this exact model here and make your appliance appointment.


Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Grillit

bird's eye view of le creuset iron cast grillit with chicken and vegetable skewers

This handy piece of kit could revolutionise how you cook at home. Cast iron can reach a high heat whilst the oven setting is on a low to medium heat which means that all that juicy goodness will be locked into your food including top nutrients and that all important flavour. The grooves help to drain away any excess fats or oils also, which means that cooking with the grillit is a healthier alternative. 

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Aga Deluxe SXS Fridge Freezer

aga deluxe sxs double fridge freezer in black

Aga’s Deluxe SXS fridge freezer sounds just as extravagant as it is. This luxe fridge freezer innovates the way we store food. The vacuum seal ensures that your food is kept fresh for its full shelf life and the various zones help to keep you organised. The two freezer zones can even be individually controlled to set the perfect temperature for each. 

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Two Tier Bamboo Steamer

two tier bamboo steamer with vegetables and fish in top compartment

A little smaller than our previous picks, but this Two Tier Bamboo Steamer is the kitchen must have for preparing fresh vegetables, rice, couscous, fish and more. The basket has two sections for steaming and is made from natural woven bamboo. It’s ideal for creating traditional Thai, Chinese or Japanese dishes. Pop the steamer over a simmering pan of boiling water and allow time for the flavours and vitamins to fuse into one.

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Bertazzoni Heritage Built in Oven

bertazzoni heritage built in oven

Another Bertazzoni - they’re quite the tastemakers! This time we’re talking about the Heritage range of built in ovens. The combination of modern minimalist style meets vintage and it just works! This model in particular is a firm favourite of ours with its cream base and brass accents. 

Find out more about the benefits and features of a built-in Bertazzoni here

Nkuku Mango Wood Pizza Boards

circular mango wood pizza boards stacked up against a wall

Using sustainable mango wood, each pizza board is designed and carved by skilled artisans complete with a leather tie to create these gorgeous, long-lasting pieces. Serve up your favourite thin crust pizzas at family gatherings, or use to display your favourite cheese boards for a cosy night in, complete with a bottle of wine. 

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Aga 1090 Slab Hood (Various Colours)

blue aga oven hob

If you’re an avid chef in the kitchen then you know all too well the importance of efficient ventilation. Aga’s 1090 Slab Hood are the perfect combination of style and practicality. The hood works quickly to remove steam, smells and fumes from you cooking area and comes complete with a handy remote control for you to easily change the settings. The design is slick and modern, complimenting any Aga cookers. Choose from multiple colours. We adore this pop of blue!

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Diana Henry’s 'From the Oven to the Table'

Front cover of Diana Henry's cookbook 'From the Oven to the Table'

The penultimate accessory to any kitchen is a trusty cookbook that is bursting with inspiration and delicious recipes on each page. You’ll uncover a whole host of dishes. From quick fixes to feasts for all of the family. From meat and fish, to grains and pulses, Henry ensures to cover recipes that cater to all, so why wouldn’t you want this useful little trick up your sleeve?

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