Your Guide to the Everhot Electric Stove

Your Guide to the Everhot Electric Stove

Back in the 1970s, engineer Ossie Goving bought over a mill, using its waters to produce electricity. This sparked an idea in his mind to create a stove that could run on electricity, thus birthing the beloved Everhot. Since its original production, Everhot is still evolving and growing with a stylish and versatile range of products.

One of these products is the Everhot Stove. The statement cooker is not like any other - small and stylish, yet fancy and functional. A perfect addition to any household or living space. There’s no doubt that you want to be sure that you are making the right decision before purchasing your Everhot Stove, which is why we have curated a whole entire blog dedicated to the matter! Keep reading.


The Everhot Electric Stove


Function first

Everhot Stoves offer a controllable 200deg.C 20 litre oven hidden behind a cast iron door, perfect for cooking light meals such as jacket potatoes, or a delicious blueberry & banana cake which our Sophie shows you how to cook here. These nifty stoves can also be used for slow cooking, so they work great for those soups and stews! 

Blueberry cake being held in a tray
That’s not all - your Everhot Stove also makes for a great heater. Fitted with a 1.5kW thermostat control, the cooker will gently warm up the room. With quality engineered steel, the heat will generate in just 30 minutes, and linger long after your stove has been switched off. Cosy and conventional - what more can you ask for?


The top of an everhot electric stove

What's cooking, good looking?

Everhot Stoves boast a fresh, distinctive appearance while sticking close to their traditional routes. Embodying 70’s decor with a modern twist, these cookers are extremely versatile, suiting any home - whatever the style. 
The stoves come in a range of colours, such as black, cream, graphite and marine blue. With such a wide variety of shades to choose from, there is bound to be something to compliment your environment.
Everhot electric stove colour sheet

Why choose Everhot?

Choosing the perfect stove can be tricky, with so many different options to choose from. 
One thing that really sets Everhot apart from the rest (other than its unique style) is its low energy consumption. This will ensure that you are doing your bit for the planet while keeping your room warm and tummy full.
Everhot Electric stove in yellow infront of stone exposed wall


How long will my Everhot Electric Stove last?

Everhot cookers are built to last a lifetime, meaning that they shouldn’t need to be replaced.

Does my Everhot Electric Stove need annual servicing?

Nope - your Everhot stove does not need any reservicing, another cost saving benefit to choosing this brand.

Blue everhot stove with bread inside

Purchase your Everhot Electric Stove today!